Great Health Starts Here

True or false? You really want to know the answer.

Not that we spend a lot of time in bars, but we have noticed how often groups of friends will whip out the smart phones to solve a burning intellectual question like, “who was that guy in that show?” It’s a behavior that translates easily for healthcare marketing, since the internet is a go-to source for most of us who have health questions. Because users always are looking for new ways to interact with content, we developed an online health quiz for our client Memorial Health System in Springfield, Ill. The Great Health Starts Here quiz gamifies the early research that people do before they are sick, and helps them realize the answer for many health issues lies with Memorial.


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To infection and beyond – Making friends and capturing addresses.

The quiz program has been designed around more than a dozen service lines, from neurology to transplants, bariatrics and more. Each service line developed five or six true-false questions that readers can click for a detailed answer. On the answer page, they are invited to keep on clicking for more information on the hospital’s service line pages. They’re also encouraged to post to Facebook or sign up for an email alert. The program highlights medical specialists, gives relevant information and helps readers view Memorial as an authoritative source. The game is new but early numbers have shown a solid click-through rate.