Memorial ER Stories

Patient Testimonial Campaign Uses Web and Print Marketing

Memorial Medical Center, an acute-care hospital out of Springfield, IL, came to us with impressive Emergency Department statistics, both in terms of patients seen and patient satisfaction. However, they had yet to celebrate the fact that they have the #1 ER in Springfield, due to a strong amount of humility.

With Memorial Medical Center, an intense desire to properly serve the Springfield area goes hand-in-hand with that humility. Knowing that, our plan was made:, a website with almost exclusively patient-driven content. Past visitors with stories to tell write in, their stories are published, and they get to share their new status as a published author with their friends, family, and colleagues.

To alert the community about the campaign, we used our concept of web herding to spread our message, from bus wraps to billboards to online banner ads.


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The result? Over 40 personal stories were submitted by grateful patients and family members.

“The Memorial ER Stories campaign adds a new dimension to our long-term strategy by telling our story through the stories of our patients,” said Ed McDowall, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Memorial Medical Center. “The stories are compelling, they speak to the high-quality, patient-centered care that we strive to deliver to every patient, and because the story is being told by a former patient, it has a presence that is very real.”

“With more than 40 story submissions through the first five weeks of the campaign, the results speak for themselves. We could not be more pleased or excited.”


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