Welcome to Sherman

New movers get a big welcome

Sherman Hospital wanted to reach out to people who were new to the area to let them know about the hospital and services offered. But they didn’t want to blend in with every other welcome wagon message. So we created a direct mail campaign that would speak to all new residents in a way that would resonate with them—we used the look of a moving box to tell the story, and even offered a free first aid kit if those residents replied using a perforated return card. We then followed up the message a month later with a simple call to action that fulfilled a need of a lot of new residents—we encouraged them to “Find a Physician” using the simple website tool.


Direct Mail Brochure


Direct Mail Follow Up


Direct Mail Follow Up

Microsite answers all new resident questions

We know those who are new to the area have a lot of health needs to be filled. New residents want to easily find the nearest hospital or immediate care centers, line up physicians, learn about the best places to get special care in the area, and know where to turn for health events and classes. WelcomeToSherman.com consolidated all of this information to one convenient location so residents didn’t have to search all over to find what they were looking for (and it helped them discover information they might not have even known they needed).




Find a Physician


Find a Location