The Lofts and Rows at SoMa

A Sexy Community Deserves a Sexy Campaign

The Lofts and Rows at Soma were urban and artsy in an urban and artsy location in Omaha, Nebraska—surrounded by galleries, theaters, and more. We spoke to the audience with an artsy, sexy campaign that would beckon them to their new home.




Creative Website for Creative People

In the community website, we had fun imagining what daily life would be like for someone truly enjoying life at SoMa. Along with the necessary information for a home shopper (model and neighborhood info, visiting information, and an appointment scheduler), we created a different banner that would show each day of the week presenting what someone could be doing at SoMa that day.



Why Does Anyone Do Boring Sales Center Graphics?

We had fun with the life at SoMa ad and website materials, so why stop there? We kept it clever in our outdoor graphics for the community and sales center so foot traffic that may be interested in the community would know where to look for more information.